Our transition to more sustainable fabrics.

The four brand pillars of PKG products have always been Design, Materials, Functionality and Versatility.
Transitioning our year-round signature fabric into a recycled version - without compromising the remaining three brand pillars - is our first step in becoming more sustainable.

A key pillar in the PKG brand

Fabrics matter

Fabric is the most consumed raw material in the production of any product we design. After 24 months of research and testing, we have transitioned most of the fabric we use for our year round assortment, into a recycled post-consumer water bottle version, for both the interior and exterior.

The move forward

Our fabric initiative

Initially launched as a curated recycled assortment, The Elements (made with a recycled waterproof exterior fabric) was the start of what would come next for the PKG brand.

We have now transitioned our signature interior and exterior fabrics to a recycled post-consumer water bottle yarn.

Is there a difference in quality?

How do these recycled fabrics compare to our previous non-recycled interior and exterior fabrics?

Same look and feel.

Same durability testing.

Same water pressure testing.

The only difference is the yarn used to make our fabric, which is now made of 100% recycled post-consumer water bottles.