One of the biggest considerations we look at when we design our products is how to make them as versatile as possible.  We know that everyone carries digital devices around with them everyday, but no one wants to carry a dedicated "laptop bag".  We strive to build bags and cases that are perfect for your Monday to Friday commute, work well with today's modern work dress code as well as your digital work needs, but also look and perform just as well on the weekend when the vibe is more casual. And while product shots are great, nothing beats showing the product in context.

Knowing that everyone's style is individual and that mixing formal with casual to create your own eclectic mix is now the norm, we've created 3 dress code pillars at a very basic level to give you an idea of how our PKG bags can be integrated into any type of outfit.  Click on one of the three images below to see the first installment of our '"WEEKEND", "WEEKDAY CASUAL" and "WEEKDAY FORMAL" images.  These shots are simply there to give a visual understanding of the size, aspect and versatility of our bags in each environment.   

 Moving forward, we'll be teaming up with various photographers to bring you images of our bags mixed with everything from blue jeans to 3-piece suits, to show you just how versatile our products really are.  We would welcome your feedback as well as your own personal product shots, so feel free to write to us at info@nice-pkg.com or send us your images to show us how you dress up or dress down  your PKG bag.  We may post your shots on the next installment.