A container in which something is packed for storage or transportation 

PKG provides urban professionals with the most contemporary "packages" for their digital hardware.

Andy & Mike Priestman grew up in Toronto, Canada in an entrepreneurial family. With parents in the Audio/Video business since 1971, they’ve been involved in the “Digital” lifestyle for as long as they can remember.  It was while travelling across the Country in various sales roles, bouncing between retailers from city to city with their twelve pound laptops that they had the inspiration for PKG. So in 2009 they set out with the goal to design a more sophisticated range of carrying solutions that combined a strong balance of simplicity, versatility, timeless fashion cues and functionality.

Thus, PKG was born.

We focus on products for the Urban Commuter. Whether you head out each morning on foot, on a bike, on a bus or in a car, everyone carries their digital devices with them today and everyone needs to get to and from work. Our goal is to simplify that process with versatile, timeless and functional solutions that look as good and work as well without your digital device inside, as they do with it. We design our products with a versatility that allows them to be your everyday go-to carrying solution. No matter what the occasion.

PKG is an exploration of colour, unique fabrics and silhouettes that allow style, functionality and durability to work and play effortlessly together. 

Enjoy the commute!