The PKG DRI Collection is inspired by and built for the urban dwelling outdoor enthusiast.  Now when we say "outdoor enthusiast" we aren't necessarily referring to mountain climbers, white water paddlers or cross country runners (although that may be your sport of choice), but in simple terms , we mean people who like to be outside.  Actually, you might not even want to be outside, but sometimes you just need to be outside.  Whether catching a bus, walking to work, getting lunch at your local patio, or slogging through a rainy day, you like getting out from behind four walls and a roof.  Living in the city has its inherent risks when it comes to carrying your digital devices around town.  Rain, slush, snow, car spray, bike splatter, coffee spills, wet shoes and bags just sitting on a wet subway floor, are all enemies of your digital device.  The PKG DRI Collection was designed to keep your valuable electronics dry, safe and looking good throughout the year, no matter what the weather.