Phase 3 - Sampling: 

Sourcing / Sampling:  Once we have sketches done and we’ve decided on the general form factors that we feel fit the brand language and the purpose of the product best, we move into the initial sampling stage.   At this point we’ll look at fabrics, colourways, zipper pulls, buttons, snaps, linings and other details that could potentially be incorporated into the product.  Sourcing is something we do all year long, looking at new and existing suppliers with everything from leather tanneries to buttons, to zippers to packaging to fabric mills. We’ll go through many sample versions to test out different ideas and try to bring it all back to our overall trend forecast, keeping it in-line with the brand language and the season that we’re currently designing for.  Some designs only require a few samples, while others require a mulitude of tweaks and changes, both large and small.



For the Rolltop Backpack, we decided to sample the initial form factor with a single internal laptop compartment against the back wall, with the remainder of the interior being a single open space for clothes, books, and larger objects.  We also wanted a zip pocket inside for keeping things secured that you don’t want at the bottom of the bag.   For the straps and closures we wanted to do something simple and unique, so we sampled with collar tabs, “O” rings, and other hardware pieces in trying to enhance the uniqueness as well as the functionality of the bag.  All while keeping the silhouette streamlined. 

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