Phase 2 - Sketching: 

Sketching:  After the design parameters are in place and we understand who we’re building the product for, we can start to sketch out ideas to get a better understanding of what the product will look like.  We use a wide range of inspirations from architecture, film, photos, fashion collections, iconic vintage collectibles, and anything in between. 



For the Rolltop Backpack we wanted the silhouette to be simple, interesting and timeless.  We also wanted to make it durable without sacrificing the style of the product, always trying to keep in mind the things that the urban commuter would want to carry with them every day and integrate those into a slim and unobtrusive design.  As with all PKG products, we wanted to incorporate an internal digital compartment (in this case up to a 16" laptop), against the back wall of the bag to aid in structure and stability of the bag, as well as the security of the laptop.



Andy Priestman
Andy Priestman