We thought that you might be interested to find out more about the process and the work that goes into creating each unique PKG product. We wanted to provide a little insight into how we go about our business here and how a product goes from being simply an idea to actually coming to fruition, so we've decided to briefly outline our process in a new feature called "DESIGN DETAILS". We're a small team, so we think we do things a bit differently here and we feel that's reflected in our products. We'll look at different upcoming products throughout the year as we work on them, and we'll outline one step every week to give some real-world insights and context to each blog entry. We hope you enjoy it!


All ideas start with solid brainstorming sessions and a load of Q&A’s.

Who are we designing this product for?

How is the user intending to utilize it?

What are the key technical features?

What are the key design / style features?

How much should it cost?

Who is the competition?

Why are we building this product?

These are key points that we need to have answers for before we start, so that the design has some parameters and some boundaries to work within. To gain these insights there is a lot of cross-departmental discussions at the beginning between sales teams, design teams, users and all of the various departments within our small organization. Things tend to move pretty quickly and lots of ideas fall to the floor over the course of the year, but the good ones tend to stick.

Shortly we'll be releasing our "Rolltop Pack" , so we'll use this product example to start with since it's fresh and relevant.

We wanted to create product that reflects the needs and style of today’s modern urban commuter/ young professional. We set out to design a simple, smart and unobtrusive bag that would allow the user to easily adapt it to their needs. Along with carrying a laptop, we also wanted to incorporate ways to carry typical commuter necessities that can often comprise a lot of space such as newspapers, umbrellas, etc… As per our other products, we wanted the styling to fit into our mantra of “casual elegance” – a product that can be worn formally or casually. Finally, we wanted to keep the price points for our Primary Collection versions under $100.00, and our Red Crown Versions under $250.00. Since the choice of materials and craftsmanship plays a huge role into our products, material specifics are carefully chosen not only based on trends, but initially on quality and durability. These traits are vital to making our products timeless and guarantee that we won't be compromising style and comfort.

Stay tuned next week for insights into the Sketching of the Rolltop Pack.





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